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Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust The Cult of Personality & Idolatry

Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust
The Cult of Personality & Idolatry

Thursday the 18th July made me once again wonder how a person convicted of four acts of sabotage and spending a large portion of his life, quite rightfully, removed from society had been elevated to the status of demi-god and saviour -even if for no other reason than being the figurehead and poster child for a world tainted by “progressive” liberal ideology.

People throughout the world fawning over him, dedicating time and effort in his name, literally praying at his feet when they should have been filled with the same aversion reserved for other terrorists and saboteurs. I wondered if the USA would ever reserve the same honour for Osama bin Laden, France for Ilich Ramirez Sanchez aka Carlos “The Jackal”, Indonesia for Suharto, Iraq for Saddam Hussein, Germany for the Black September Organisation?

I am of course talking about Nelson Mandela.  A man convicted in a trial which by all accounts had been a free and fair, a trial in which he admitted his guilt with a statement written for him by Nadine Gordimer, a trial which even the NP Governments worst media detractor – The Rand Daily Mail – admitted that there was no other possible outcome. The infamous Rivonia Trial. A man who to this day has not sworn off violence as a means to an ends and who had made no submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

This made me think about other figures throughout history that has attained the same or similar status during their lifetimes and how they were possibly able to achieve this.

I started researching how these people were able too fool so many people for so long. For some this status ended with the day they ended their miserable lives – often violently – but for others, their statuses as a type of idol, heroic figure or martyr have lingered around to foul the air that we breathe. Contaminating everyday life, making seemingly intelligent and informed people – who should have the ability to reason, research and create informed opinions – mere idiots with grey water between the ears.

Examples of “leaders”, tyrants, dictators and public figures that pulled the wool over peoples eyes, but whose real character and actions were far from the puritan and benevolent aura that was created around them, are legion. Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Che Guerva, Fidel Castro, John F Kennedy, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson & Kim Ill Sung are a few of the examples where the status created around the person still lingers to this day with the real person hidden from the world by a web of deceit, half-truths, embellishments and pure imaginary deeds. For some of these we know about their nefarious deeds yet for all it does not disqualify them from the ranks of “most influential”.

This research interestingly led me to a term that I have heard peripherally before but never really gave attention to as in my, then limited, understanding it was a neologism to explain the popularity of some individuals within their different following. Whether that following being political, ideological or ethnical. I came across the term “Cult of Personality” and began researching more about it.

The Cult of Personality is defined as: “promoting the adulation of a living leader or leading public figure”.

The term has it’s origins in the period 1800-1850 in the English, German and French languages and describes how a person is able to project a totally inaccurate image to the public whilst the true self is in most instances a total opposite of the projection of benevolence and altruisism.

From my research it seems that there are two distinct forms of the Cult of Personality

The first is short-lived and usually only spans a few years. Tyrants and dictators predominantly use it to further totalitarian regimes. The Cult of Personality is used to appear as legitimate rulers with only the best intentions for the populace. This is achieved by a massive propaganda campaign and the usage of benevolent looking images of the person plastered on every conceivable space. It is akin to brainwashing with healthy dosages of intimidation. Criticism of the person is often outlawed. Mobotu Sese Seko, Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, Nicolae Ceausescu, Augistine Pinochet, Muhammar Ghadafi, Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe are prime examples of this usage of the Cult of Personality. It is firmly rooted in Totalitarianism and Communism – in whichever form - be it Marxism, Socialism, Trotskyism or Stalinism

But there is a second and more insidious use of the Cult of Personality. It is a much slower process of indoctrination than would be found in Totalitarian Regimes. It occurs in so-called Democratic societies, which in itself rubbishes the term Democracy. It is in Political Correct speech termed as Public Relations or “spin”.

Princeton University defines The Cult of Personality as: “cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass mediapropaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise… While the cult of personality generally applies to the enhancement and promotion of a political or religious doctrine, it stands to reason that it is also asserted in everyday situations where popularity is used to advocate conformity to philosophies and lifestyles, even products and attitudes by way of peer pressure and herd mentality.” (Please note the usage of the words “conformity to philosophies and lifestyles” which is a benchmark and founding principle of “progressive” liberalism)

Firstly, it enlists the use of Academia – where history is rewritten and pertinent historical facts are systematically omitted, sanitised and denied. Disciplines such as sociology (which is not a true academic science), religious studies, journalism and law are targeted. What is more susceptible to this type of indoctrination than young impressionable mind?

Secondly, it uses Main Stream Media with Media outlets often the recipients of already indoctrinated graduates and the appointment of political chieftains and political connected individuals in positions of influence. Think of Jakes Gerwell’s appointment to the Board of Naspers. (Jakes Gerwell served in the Office of the President during Thabo Mbeki’s reign). In South Africa, BEE and AA plays perfectly into this scenario.

It is a favourite tool of those inclined towards “progressive” liberalism (which I have in previous opinion pieces explained as being a store front for liberalism infused with toxic quantities of Socialism and made rotten by Cultural Marxism leading inevitably to the Entitlement States and the total annihilation of Western society as we know it)

The MSM is the main and most direct tool of the Cult of Personality in “Democratic” societies. The Media over time embellishes qualities to a person that is not real or true. They create fictional characteristics, an air of benevolence and altruism whilst rubbishing and tainting any historical fact to the contrary thereby creating a person with god-like qualities by projecting a consistent picture of the person’s perfection. The image tends to be a literal picture – think of the various statues, paintings, images in Media, books, bombardment of positive propaganda, emotionally charged head-lines and even images on our money of Mandela.

Negative publicity are quickly reported on with the extent and seriousness of the issue white-washed to be quickly ignored for further scrutiny and buried in the cemetery of Consequenter. Think of Obama’s Fast & Furious scandal or Benghazi or the IRS scandal or…or…or…Think of how various reports by the Public Protector on DA controlled municipalities are swept under the rug and made out as less than what they actually are.

Criticism and detractors of the person is dealt with quickly, harshly and in the most vicious manner often resulting in character assassination, threats and personal insult. There are many examples of this available today – MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and CNN’s Piers Morgan are masters at the above when any criticism is levelled at Barack Obama’s Administration with the racism card being played often as an ad hominem audi alteram partum. The UK Media and UK Government’s treatment of the EDL, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer whom are all anti-Islamasation of Western Society. In South Africa we have Naspers’ media arm Media24 who has appointed themselves as the guardians of what may and may not be said by independent thinkers and Conservatives about Mandela, the ANC and the DA. They often employ the services of ideological hitmen or groupings such as AfricaCheck - which is funded by George Soros’ Soros Foundations – Max du Preez, Leopoldt Scholtz and Tim du Plessis with a sprinkling of lesser opinionadas covering the rear guard. Naspers very often censors the opinions of counter-thinking individuals skirting the SA Press Code, International Council for Press and Broadcasting and the right to free speech entrenched in the SA Constitution.

Currently we see this type of Cult of Personality not only in Mandela but also in people such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Francois Hollande, David Cameron and in South Africa Helen Zille, Patricia de Lille, Jacob Zuma and the ANC. (Remember the statement “The ANC will rule until Jesus comes”?)

What is even more concerning, apart from how cheaply and easily people are indoctrinated, is the longer lasting effect where Idolatry rears its ugly head.

Idolatry is defined as: “Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol, a physical object such as a cult image, as a god, or practices believed to verge on worship, such as giving undue honour and regard to created forms other than God”.

Does this sound familiar?

Remember one thing – your mind is your own. You have been blessed with the ability of being a sentient being, to be able to reason, to be able to think for yourself, to be able to educate yourself and then to logically and critically come to your own conclusion. The choice is yours – be an independent thinking individual or be part of the herd mentality.

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