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Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust Part 2 - The Guardian of Thoughts

Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust Part 2
The Guardian of Thoughts

I lie awake at night a lot these days. And I think a lot about the ills of the world whilst lying there, staring at the ceiling.  I, for instance, think about what went wrong in this world that it has become such a dastardly place, I think about the state of affairs for my People, I think of blatant injustices, I think of when the Media had become the guardian of my thoughts.

My wife says I take on responsibilities that is not mine to take, I over-think life.  She never says it outright but we’ve been married long enough for me to read her eyes – she is concerned about me, I go that extra mile to fight for what I deem important in life. Like my involvement with the Boikot Naspers! Genoeg is Genoeg civil movement.

My dear departed mother always said that when you get older, you reflect more in the silence of the night and that while you are a youngster the cares of the world does not bother you. Well I haven’t been a true youngster since my first day as a 17-year-old cadet on the parade grounds of the SAP College in Pretoria-West.

I’ll be quite honest – the SAP was not a calling for me but I was one of the first grand recipients of the words: “You are too white, we cannot give you a bursary”. Apartheid hadn’t even ended yet.  I decided to join the SAP for my National Service as maybe just maybe, I could acquire knowledge and skills that would be beneficial in my life going forward post the National Service. But once I was in the SAP it became the centre of my universe. 

I saw horrible things; I came to understand the depravity of certain individuals that walk in our midst, I finally understood why the West was never able to tame Africa and that she will forever remain a Godless un-civilisable mess.

I saw humans being burned alive with tyres around their necks without the ability to do anything about it, I saw humans being stoned to death without the ability to do anything about it, I saw what should have been fresh-faced girls with the thousand-mile stare after being gang-raped by thugs who only wanted to intimidate at the behest of their Communist masters, I saw people hacked to pieces, but left alive, so that they can carry a message to people having opposite views to what the barbaric lowlifes held at the behest  of their Communist masters.

I was unfortunate not to belong to one of the Public Order Policing units – at least they had the strength in numbers to do something when a terrible deed was visited upon the people of the townships. No, I was a member of a select few who drove around the townships in soft body vehicles and being first responders. The Knuckleheads Upstairs thought it best that we display a benevolent air towards the populace; In lieu of armoured vehicles we were given special training by a variety of purveyors of the arts of Urban Warfare

And whilst I was spending my life doing this I never gave one thought to the Media except to avoid them at all costs at any incident. We were not to be photographed by the Press or even talk to them  - under any circumstances. Then I never understood why, but I do now.

My one and only interaction with a journalist ended badly. The Knuckleheads Upstairs thought it a good idea for someone from the BBC to ride along – good PR you know. Friends and family told me later that they never knew I was such a soulless butcher. When I asked them why, the events that occurred during the ride along and how we were portrayed was at total opposites of the spectrum.

I never read a newspaper, never watched the news and the only magazine I read was the Servamus (and maybe a Scope if one was lying around the barracks). My life was filled with enough horror without the Media adding to it – as if watching the 8 o’clock news or buying a newspaper was the highlight of my day in any case. Getting back to my barracks room alive was more than enough of a highlight, thank you.

Skip ahead a couple of years and there is this young man.  “Old” and streetwise way beyond his years – having seen and experienced what most people only saw in Friday Night Horror movies at the drive-in. Now suddenly a civilian entering the commercial job market for the first time. Fully understanding the street, I was not wise to the ways of the world. Sometimes picking up a newspaper or watching the news filled me with a sense of impotence as I would read articles and know, at the centre of my being, that what I read or saw was far removed from the reality of what actually occurred. I did not understand why, I do now. So I stayed away from any form of Media.

Skip ahead another couple of years and the young man is now no longer that young and is married with children. Now being a mildly successful salesperson that was promoted through sheer doggedness, and contrary to the AA rules the government of the day was enforcing, I am de facto being forced to buy newspapers and keep up with current events. With a number of years between my leaving the SAP and now being a man with other responsibilities I had mellowed. The stark reality of my experiences has faded into the mists of time and I am no longer aware of the true state of affairs. The newspaper gets bought religiously every day of the week, the news at night was never missed and on Sundays the Rapport was read from top to bottom. Sometimes the Sunday Times as well. For years this went on without a single thought as to the true state of affairs. I gobbled up what the Media wanted me to know and spewed forth words of wisdom as preached by the almighty Media machine.

But somewhere in the recesses of my mind there was an uncomfortable feeling that I was being led along. Unbeknownst to me, this was a feeling shared by thousands of others. Normal working men and women realising that something is not kosher. But it was not until I entered the halls of upper-echelon management, and later became a modestly successful businessperson in my own right, that I started to question the Media with the harshness it deserved.

Maybe it is age or wisdom that makes one questions your surroundings. Maybe it is experience finally coming 360 degrees. Events and memories long placed in the memory banks of the human brain starts coming to the fore again making one realise that you are being lied to, that your are being manipulated, that the truth is withheld and that you are being told what to think, when to think it. What is moral and what not, what is acceptable and what not.

I at first questioned small little things but this snowballed very quickly into questioning everything about the media. And once I was able to release myself from the chains of Media induced thought-control I recognised that the Media had appointed themselves as the Guardians of my thoughts. Oh, the outrage when the truth finally hit home!

Outrage that my language, my culture, my religion is under serious threat from the Media. Outrage that horrific murders, as I had seen during my sojourn in the SAP, are being downplayed to nothing more than normal crime. Outrage that the barbarity of these murders were being withheld by the Media for the sake of “Democracy” and racial harmony – a barbarity that I had seen and tasted before. Outrage that murderers were being labelled as “robbers” whilst the true hate-filled events were being withheld.  Outrage at TRUTH having to make way for Political Correctness. Outrage that an ideology designed to destroy my culture, my language, my religion, my history, my ethnicity and the future of my children was no longer being given in small doses but being force-fed to my People and me. Outrage that my experienced worldviews was now labelled as right wing and racist. Outrage that the actual bigots were sitting in small cubicles selectively writing articles to manipulate my People. Outrage that the profession of Journalism has given up its true nature of being the voice of the people it serves and holding Governments accountable to being that of a mouthpiece for an elite few with misery and compliance our only future because of it.

But with such an outrage comes a responsibility to identify the monster. Learn as much about it as possible and shine a spotlight on it for everybody to see its shameless self. That is what we are doing at Boikot Naspers! Genoeg is Genoeg, we are showing the monster to the world and we are freeing ourselves from its influence upon us.

I lie awake at night a lot these days. Thinking on the ills of the world. Do you also lie awake at night doing the same as me? Has the awakening happened for you or are you still part of the herd whose mental faculties are being used and abused by a monster called the Media?

"It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time;
you can even fool some of the people all of the time;
but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time."

Abraham Lincoln

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