Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Africa Check Nechama Brodie manipuleer misdaadstatistiek om Steve Hofmeyr verdag te maak

Me. Nechama Brodie van Africa Check is 'n selferkende simpatiseerder van Kommuniste
Deur Dr. Dan Roodt

Tans woed daar 'n polemiek rondom Steve Hofmeyr se uitspraak: “My stam sterf. Soos vlieë. Ons sterf teen ’n ongekende tempo. En dít in vredestyd."

Vandag in Rapport word Hofmeyr aangeval en 'n artikel op die internet deur 'n onbekende liberale joernalis, Nechama Brodie, klakkeloos aangehaal. Brodie werk glo vir Africa Check, 'n organisasie wat sy beginsels soos volg uiteensit:

"Africa Check is a non-partisan organisation that exists to fact-check claims made in the public arena, impartially and fairly, and publish the results. We also aim to spread the culture and enable the practice of fact-checking among the wider journalistic community."

Monday, 29 July 2013

Die Regse, Rassistiese Blankes en Verkrampte Boere vra hul Linkse, Liberale Landgenote vir 'n Egskeiding!

Deur Sunette Bridges
My Liewe Liberale, Verligte, Sosialitiese, Vrydenkende, Kommunisitiese, ANC-Ondersteunende, Mandela-Aanbiddende, Linkse Landgenoot ons vra julle om van ons te skei en ons toe te laat om in ‘n land van ons eie te bly. Hiermee ons amptelike versoek:

Dit is duidelik dat ons nooit sal ooreenkom oor wat die beste vir almal van ons is nie en miskien moet ons poog om op vriendskaplike basis uitmekaar te gaan. Ons kan dit bloot toeskryf aan onversoenbare verskille en mekaar die beste vir die toekoms toewens.

Hiermee my voorstelle vir ons skikkingsooreenkoms:

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Die morele absolutisme van rasvermenging 'n taboe tema in die media

Deur Dr. Dan Roodt

Een van die eienskappe van ons revolusionêre samelewing is dat die universiteite en die media toenemend deur 'n soort revolusionêre roes verteer word. Die grootskaalse verandering wat ons tot dusver beleef het, is nie genoeg nie. Die revolusie moet altyd verder en verder gevoer word, op politieke en maatskaplike vlak, maar ook en toenemend op biologiese vlak. Toevallig sien ek nou die dag 'n artikel deur ene Desmond Painter van die Stellenbosse Universiteit wat 'n pleidooi lewer dat Sewendelaan op TV gebruik moet word om die bevolking te breinspoel om biologiese rasvermenging te aanvaar.
Vir Painter is die huidige gemengde sosiale situasies wat op Sewendelaan uitgebeeld word nie genoeg nie, want daar vind nie werklike kopulasie tussen mense van verskillende rasse plaas nie. Hy verwys ook in Die By van 13 Januarie na "die morele paniek oor seks oor die kleurgrens, oor ondertrouery, vermenging en verbastering, en oor die gevolge hiervan vir die suiwerheid en voortbestaan van die Afrikaanse volk, loop soos 'n goue draad deur die geskrifte van apartheidsideoloë - van Geoffrey Cronjé in die 1930s tot Dan Roodt vandag."

Thursday, 25 July 2013

ebrief rakende Weg Tydskrif wat deel van media24 is


Hello Barnie 

Rakende WEG Tydskrif 

Vanoggend uitgevind dat julle deel is van Media 24 wat die volksmoord op die blankes ignoreer en in sommige gevalle betwis

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ruda Landman gaan teen wit rassiste opstaan media24

 Verontwaardigde Ruda Landman, wat ook 'n direkteur by media24 deel van NASPERS se media empaaier, het die afgelope week aan Rapport gesê sy is keelvol daarvoor dat rassiste aanneem sy is ook een net omdat sy ook wit is.
Landman, wat blykbaar bekommerd is dat sy nie meer deur die publiek as 'n bekende gesig opgemerk word nie, het aan Rapport gesê sy gaan nooit weer rassistiese opmerkings duld nie.

Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust Part 2 - The Guardian of Thoughts

Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust Part 2
The Guardian of Thoughts

I lie awake at night a lot these days. And I think a lot about the ills of the world whilst lying there, staring at the ceiling.  I, for instance, think about what went wrong in this world that it has become such a dastardly place, I think about the state of affairs for my People, I think of blatant injustices, I think of when the Media had become the guardian of my thoughts.

My wife says I take on responsibilities that is not mine to take, I over-think life.  She never says it outright but we’ve been married long enough for me to read her eyes – she is concerned about me, I go that extra mile to fight for what I deem important in life. Like my involvement with the Boikot Naspers! Genoeg is Genoeg civil movement.

My dear departed mother always said that when you get older, you reflect more in the silence of the night and that while you are a youngster the cares of the world does not bother you. Well I haven’t been a true youngster since my first day as a 17-year-old cadet on the parade grounds of the SAP College in Pretoria-West.

I’ll be quite honest – the SAP was not a calling for me but I was one of the first grand recipients of the words: “You are too white, we cannot give you a bursary”. Apartheid hadn’t even ended yet.  I decided to join the SAP for my National Service as maybe just maybe, I could acquire knowledge and skills that would be beneficial in my life going forward post the National Service. But once I was in the SAP it became the centre of my universe. 

I saw horrible things; I came to understand the depravity of certain individuals that walk in our midst, I finally understood why the West was never able to tame Africa and that she will forever remain a Godless un-civilisable mess.

I saw humans being burned alive with tyres around their necks without the ability to do anything about it, I saw humans being stoned to death without the ability to do anything about it, I saw what should have been fresh-faced girls with the thousand-mile stare after being gang-raped by thugs who only wanted to intimidate at the behest of their Communist masters, I saw people hacked to pieces, but left alive, so that they can carry a message to people having opposite views to what the barbaric lowlifes held at the behest  of their Communist masters.

I was unfortunate not to belong to one of the Public Order Policing units – at least they had the strength in numbers to do something when a terrible deed was visited upon the people of the townships. No, I was a member of a select few who drove around the townships in soft body vehicles and being first responders. The Knuckleheads Upstairs thought it best that we display a benevolent air towards the populace; In lieu of armoured vehicles we were given special training by a variety of purveyors of the arts of Urban Warfare

And whilst I was spending my life doing this I never gave one thought to the Media except to avoid them at all costs at any incident. We were not to be photographed by the Press or even talk to them  - under any circumstances. Then I never understood why, but I do now.

My one and only interaction with a journalist ended badly. The Knuckleheads Upstairs thought it a good idea for someone from the BBC to ride along – good PR you know. Friends and family told me later that they never knew I was such a soulless butcher. When I asked them why, the events that occurred during the ride along and how we were portrayed was at total opposites of the spectrum.

I never read a newspaper, never watched the news and the only magazine I read was the Servamus (and maybe a Scope if one was lying around the barracks). My life was filled with enough horror without the Media adding to it – as if watching the 8 o’clock news or buying a newspaper was the highlight of my day in any case. Getting back to my barracks room alive was more than enough of a highlight, thank you.

Skip ahead a couple of years and there is this young man.  “Old” and streetwise way beyond his years – having seen and experienced what most people only saw in Friday Night Horror movies at the drive-in. Now suddenly a civilian entering the commercial job market for the first time. Fully understanding the street, I was not wise to the ways of the world. Sometimes picking up a newspaper or watching the news filled me with a sense of impotence as I would read articles and know, at the centre of my being, that what I read or saw was far removed from the reality of what actually occurred. I did not understand why, I do now. So I stayed away from any form of Media.

Skip ahead another couple of years and the young man is now no longer that young and is married with children. Now being a mildly successful salesperson that was promoted through sheer doggedness, and contrary to the AA rules the government of the day was enforcing, I am de facto being forced to buy newspapers and keep up with current events. With a number of years between my leaving the SAP and now being a man with other responsibilities I had mellowed. The stark reality of my experiences has faded into the mists of time and I am no longer aware of the true state of affairs. The newspaper gets bought religiously every day of the week, the news at night was never missed and on Sundays the Rapport was read from top to bottom. Sometimes the Sunday Times as well. For years this went on without a single thought as to the true state of affairs. I gobbled up what the Media wanted me to know and spewed forth words of wisdom as preached by the almighty Media machine.

But somewhere in the recesses of my mind there was an uncomfortable feeling that I was being led along. Unbeknownst to me, this was a feeling shared by thousands of others. Normal working men and women realising that something is not kosher. But it was not until I entered the halls of upper-echelon management, and later became a modestly successful businessperson in my own right, that I started to question the Media with the harshness it deserved.

Maybe it is age or wisdom that makes one questions your surroundings. Maybe it is experience finally coming 360 degrees. Events and memories long placed in the memory banks of the human brain starts coming to the fore again making one realise that you are being lied to, that your are being manipulated, that the truth is withheld and that you are being told what to think, when to think it. What is moral and what not, what is acceptable and what not.

I at first questioned small little things but this snowballed very quickly into questioning everything about the media. And once I was able to release myself from the chains of Media induced thought-control I recognised that the Media had appointed themselves as the Guardians of my thoughts. Oh, the outrage when the truth finally hit home!

Outrage that my language, my culture, my religion is under serious threat from the Media. Outrage that horrific murders, as I had seen during my sojourn in the SAP, are being downplayed to nothing more than normal crime. Outrage that the barbarity of these murders were being withheld by the Media for the sake of “Democracy” and racial harmony – a barbarity that I had seen and tasted before. Outrage that murderers were being labelled as “robbers” whilst the true hate-filled events were being withheld.  Outrage at TRUTH having to make way for Political Correctness. Outrage that an ideology designed to destroy my culture, my language, my religion, my history, my ethnicity and the future of my children was no longer being given in small doses but being force-fed to my People and me. Outrage that my experienced worldviews was now labelled as right wing and racist. Outrage that the actual bigots were sitting in small cubicles selectively writing articles to manipulate my People. Outrage that the profession of Journalism has given up its true nature of being the voice of the people it serves and holding Governments accountable to being that of a mouthpiece for an elite few with misery and compliance our only future because of it.

But with such an outrage comes a responsibility to identify the monster. Learn as much about it as possible and shine a spotlight on it for everybody to see its shameless self. That is what we are doing at Boikot Naspers! Genoeg is Genoeg, we are showing the monster to the world and we are freeing ourselves from its influence upon us.

I lie awake at night a lot these days. Thinking on the ills of the world. Do you also lie awake at night doing the same as me? Has the awakening happened for you or are you still part of the herd whose mental faculties are being used and abused by a monster called the Media?

"It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time;
you can even fool some of the people all of the time;
but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time."

Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust The Cult of Personality & Idolatry

Mainstream Media Misuse of Public Trust
The Cult of Personality & Idolatry

Thursday the 18th July made me once again wonder how a person convicted of four acts of sabotage and spending a large portion of his life, quite rightfully, removed from society had been elevated to the status of demi-god and saviour -even if for no other reason than being the figurehead and poster child for a world tainted by “progressive” liberal ideology.

People throughout the world fawning over him, dedicating time and effort in his name, literally praying at his feet when they should have been filled with the same aversion reserved for other terrorists and saboteurs. I wondered if the USA would ever reserve the same honour for Osama bin Laden, France for Ilich Ramirez Sanchez aka Carlos “The Jackal”, Indonesia for Suharto, Iraq for Saddam Hussein, Germany for the Black September Organisation?

I am of course talking about Nelson Mandela.  A man convicted in a trial which by all accounts had been a free and fair, a trial in which he admitted his guilt with a statement written for him by Nadine Gordimer, a trial which even the NP Governments worst media detractor – The Rand Daily Mail – admitted that there was no other possible outcome. The infamous Rivonia Trial. A man who to this day has not sworn off violence as a means to an ends and who had made no submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

This made me think about other figures throughout history that has attained the same or similar status during their lifetimes and how they were possibly able to achieve this.

I started researching how these people were able too fool so many people for so long. For some this status ended with the day they ended their miserable lives – often violently – but for others, their statuses as a type of idol, heroic figure or martyr have lingered around to foul the air that we breathe. Contaminating everyday life, making seemingly intelligent and informed people – who should have the ability to reason, research and create informed opinions – mere idiots with grey water between the ears.

Examples of “leaders”, tyrants, dictators and public figures that pulled the wool over peoples eyes, but whose real character and actions were far from the puritan and benevolent aura that was created around them, are legion. Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Che Guerva, Fidel Castro, John F Kennedy, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson & Kim Ill Sung are a few of the examples where the status created around the person still lingers to this day with the real person hidden from the world by a web of deceit, half-truths, embellishments and pure imaginary deeds. For some of these we know about their nefarious deeds yet for all it does not disqualify them from the ranks of “most influential”.

This research interestingly led me to a term that I have heard peripherally before but never really gave attention to as in my, then limited, understanding it was a neologism to explain the popularity of some individuals within their different following. Whether that following being political, ideological or ethnical. I came across the term “Cult of Personality” and began researching more about it.

The Cult of Personality is defined as: “promoting the adulation of a living leader or leading public figure”.

The term has it’s origins in the period 1800-1850 in the English, German and French languages and describes how a person is able to project a totally inaccurate image to the public whilst the true self is in most instances a total opposite of the projection of benevolence and altruisism.

From my research it seems that there are two distinct forms of the Cult of Personality

The first is short-lived and usually only spans a few years. Tyrants and dictators predominantly use it to further totalitarian regimes. The Cult of Personality is used to appear as legitimate rulers with only the best intentions for the populace. This is achieved by a massive propaganda campaign and the usage of benevolent looking images of the person plastered on every conceivable space. It is akin to brainwashing with healthy dosages of intimidation. Criticism of the person is often outlawed. Mobotu Sese Seko, Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, Nicolae Ceausescu, Augistine Pinochet, Muhammar Ghadafi, Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe are prime examples of this usage of the Cult of Personality. It is firmly rooted in Totalitarianism and Communism – in whichever form - be it Marxism, Socialism, Trotskyism or Stalinism

But there is a second and more insidious use of the Cult of Personality. It is a much slower process of indoctrination than would be found in Totalitarian Regimes. It occurs in so-called Democratic societies, which in itself rubbishes the term Democracy. It is in Political Correct speech termed as Public Relations or “spin”.

Princeton University defines The Cult of Personality as: “cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass mediapropaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise… While the cult of personality generally applies to the enhancement and promotion of a political or religious doctrine, it stands to reason that it is also asserted in everyday situations where popularity is used to advocate conformity to philosophies and lifestyles, even products and attitudes by way of peer pressure and herd mentality.” (Please note the usage of the words “conformity to philosophies and lifestyles” which is a benchmark and founding principle of “progressive” liberalism) http://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Cult_of_personality.html

Firstly, it enlists the use of Academia – where history is rewritten and pertinent historical facts are systematically omitted, sanitised and denied. Disciplines such as sociology (which is not a true academic science), religious studies, journalism and law are targeted. What is more susceptible to this type of indoctrination than young impressionable mind?

Secondly, it uses Main Stream Media with Media outlets often the recipients of already indoctrinated graduates and the appointment of political chieftains and political connected individuals in positions of influence. Think of Jakes Gerwell’s appointment to the Board of Naspers. (Jakes Gerwell served in the Office of the President during Thabo Mbeki’s reign). In South Africa, BEE and AA plays perfectly into this scenario.

It is a favourite tool of those inclined towards “progressive” liberalism (which I have in previous opinion pieces explained as being a store front for liberalism infused with toxic quantities of Socialism and made rotten by Cultural Marxism leading inevitably to the Entitlement States and the total annihilation of Western society as we know it)

The MSM is the main and most direct tool of the Cult of Personality in “Democratic” societies. The Media over time embellishes qualities to a person that is not real or true. They create fictional characteristics, an air of benevolence and altruism whilst rubbishing and tainting any historical fact to the contrary thereby creating a person with god-like qualities by projecting a consistent picture of the person’s perfection. The image tends to be a literal picture – think of the various statues, paintings, images in Media, books, bombardment of positive propaganda, emotionally charged head-lines and even images on our money of Mandela.

Negative publicity are quickly reported on with the extent and seriousness of the issue white-washed to be quickly ignored for further scrutiny and buried in the cemetery of Consequenter. Think of Obama’s Fast & Furious scandal or Benghazi or the IRS scandal or…or…or…Think of how various reports by the Public Protector on DA controlled municipalities are swept under the rug and made out as less than what they actually are.

Criticism and detractors of the person is dealt with quickly, harshly and in the most vicious manner often resulting in character assassination, threats and personal insult. There are many examples of this available today – MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and CNN’s Piers Morgan are masters at the above when any criticism is levelled at Barack Obama’s Administration with the racism card being played often as an ad hominem audi alteram partum. The UK Media and UK Government’s treatment of the EDL, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer whom are all anti-Islamasation of Western Society. In South Africa we have Naspers’ media arm Media24 who has appointed themselves as the guardians of what may and may not be said by independent thinkers and Conservatives about Mandela, the ANC and the DA. They often employ the services of ideological hitmen or groupings such as AfricaCheck - which is funded by George Soros’ Soros Foundations – Max du Preez, Leopoldt Scholtz and Tim du Plessis with a sprinkling of lesser opinionadas covering the rear guard. Naspers very often censors the opinions of counter-thinking individuals skirting the SA Press Code, International Council for Press and Broadcasting and the right to free speech entrenched in the SA Constitution.

Currently we see this type of Cult of Personality not only in Mandela but also in people such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Francois Hollande, David Cameron and in South Africa Helen Zille, Patricia de Lille, Jacob Zuma and the ANC. (Remember the statement “The ANC will rule until Jesus comes”?)

What is even more concerning, apart from how cheaply and easily people are indoctrinated, is the longer lasting effect where Idolatry rears its ugly head.

Idolatry is defined as: “Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol, a physical object such as a cult image, as a god, or practices believed to verge on worship, such as giving undue honour and regard to created forms other than God”.

Does this sound familiar?

Remember one thing – your mind is your own. You have been blessed with the ability of being a sentient being, to be able to reason, to be able to think for yourself, to be able to educate yourself and then to logically and critically come to your own conclusion. The choice is yours – be an independent thinking individual or be part of the herd mentality.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nog spotprentjies oor NASPERS

Dit is nou meer as 15.000

NASPERS as volstruis met sy kop in die sand

Hier nog 'n paar talentvolle prente oor die Naspers boikot:

NASPERS as volstruis met sy kop in die sand

Femelende Naspers Ferdi se politieke heilighede

 Deur Dan Roodt

Ferdi Greyling: Los Kemptonpark se wonderwerk uit

Die swakkes van gees, soos die armes, sal ons altyd met ons hê. Gelukkig het die wêreld ook loodgieters en poskantoor-amptenare nodig, anders sou daar dalk nie vir hulle plek gewees het nie.

Die probleem is egter dat naïewe, horingdom Afrikaners dikwels in die nuwe orde tot posisies bevorder word wat, soos die Peter-prinsiep lui: "bokant die vlak van hul eie bekwaamheid" val. Vele naïewe, horingdom Afrikaners skryf natuurlik ook rubrieke in koerante van die Nasionale Persgroep.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Liberalism True Political Ideology or a Mental Disease?

True Political Ideology or a Mental Disease?

Before we can even start to answer that question we need to understand what Liberalism is. We also need to understand that there is something called “Classic” Liberalism and “Modern” Liberalism

Liberalism as a Political Movement has existed for the past four centuries starting with the Renaissance, defining itself with the French Revolution and culminating in the formation of the United States of America. A common thread throughout the last three centuries preceding our own have been that people were tired with being oppressed and with that in mind they freed themselves either through mediation, emigration and sometimes bloody revolution as was the case with the French Revolution.

The terms “Left” and “Right” has it origins just after the French Revolution when Liberals and Conservative Monarchists battled out the future of France with the liberals seated on the left of the assembly and Conservatives seated on the right. This squabbling and eventual victory of the Left lead to the installation of a megalomaniac little tyrant, with dreams of world domination called Napoleon Bonaparte’. Almost a hundred and fifty years later another little megalomaniac with dreams of world domination started his political career in the Nationalist Socialist party. His name was Adolf Hitler.

Since the USA was formed by the founding fathers to relieve themselves from the oppressing yoke of subjugation of the British Empire it stands to reason that the early arrivals of Dutch and German Protestants and French Huguenots were also acts of liberalism in that they emigrated to escape religious persecution of not only the Roman Catholic Church but also repressive governments. It then logically follows that the wonderful Boers left the Cape Province in the same liberal defiance to British subjugation in 1838 for the Great Trek only to be once more to be the victim of the British Colonial Empire 84 years later.

In the run-up to the World War 1 liberalism was what is now termed “Classic Liberalism” which did not mock the Christian religion, family values, morals, ethics and the belief in hard work but rather abhorred the idea of large intrusive and coercive Governments with everybody allowed a place in the sun.

After World War 1 “Classic” liberalism began to morph into “Modern” liberalism with the economist John Maynard Keyns at the forefront with his theory that free reigning markets are not the answer and that more Government intervention is needed in the economy. During the same time the Russian Revolution took place and Vladimir Lenin and especially Leon Trotsky saw an opportunity in “Modern” Liberalism to further the Communist cause. It is also Leon Trotsky that coined the most over-used word in the world – racist. A word that has become the ad hominem of choice for all liberals.  Leon Trotsky whose views were so extreme that his comrades in arms from the Russian Revolution murdered him

At this point I should interject Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is an offshoot of Western Marxism which itself is another variation of Marxism as preached by Marx and Engels. At its core is the subversion of Western institutions like schools, universities, media, entertainment industry, family values, cultural heritage and religion - specifically Western religion that by definition is Christianity

Liberalism had by the 1960’s become infected with Socialist ideology with ever growing governments, government interference into day-to-day life and a growing entitlement class. Cultural Marxism began to subtly manifest itself in the early 1970’s but by the 1990’s it was firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of the liberally inclined.  With this Cultural Marxist monkey on the back the next step was a logical one and one that we abhor in totality – Political Correctness. Political Correctness has its roots in the 1990’s UK liberal scene and has subsequently spread like wildfire throughout the world. Even Conservatives bow down to the might of PC or run the risk of being labeled some type of hatemonger in the form of homophobe, Islamophobe et al. Being labeled a racist, bigot or right wing extremist seems to be a damning accusation. Even being Conservative means that in the PC world you are a right wing lunatic – such is the indoctrination that Cultural Marxism and its tool, Political Correctness, has heaped upon the world

Today we see the destructive influence of Keynsian theory of economics as well as the poisonous and corrosive influence that Socialism and Cultural Marxism has had on the world. The United Kingdom can best be described as a “Nanny State” with an ever-growing entitlement culture, the USA in a state of crisis with itself and most of the Nordic countries trying to survive in a tidal wave of foreign immigrants. Islamists and African refugees are flooding the West demanding the West conform to their culture and religion and liberals stand at the front preaching Multi-culturism. The problem for liberals is that multi-culturism is not a one-way street as they so dearly proclaim from their soapboxes. When in Rome…

So it comes as no surprise that there is a backlash from the likes of the EDL, UKIP, Front Nationale, Mouvement souverainiste du Québec, the Tea Party, Australian Protectionist Party and Partij voor de Vrijheid

Liberalism used to be a valid political ideology but no more. It is now a stain upon the soul of man with Totalitarian control at its center.

So the question remains – is liberalism a mental disease? Is it purely a neurosis or is there a deep-seated mental deficiency that makes the liberally inclined want to give up control of its own destinies to be coddled, like a child, by a protective benevolent government? They certainly seem to jump at every opportunity to commit racial and cultural hara-kiri and encourage, no force, people around them to do the same.

Liberalism is not a simple neurosis although the projection of their white-guilt may lead one to think that it is. No, it is more complicated than just a white person feeling guilty about his heritage and how he got to his or her station in life through the actions of his ancestors. Liberals ignore the first rule of nature – only the strong survive and instead opt to artificially manipulate society.

Various leading psychiatrists support my point of view. Doctor Lyle A Rossiter (Jnr) MD, a veteran psychiatrist with 35 years experience and no known ties or ideologies that can even remotely be construed as Conservative or right wing. With a track record of treating 1 500 patients during his career he wrote a book in 2008 entitled “The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” in which he states:  “Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded,” …“Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”… “A social scientist that understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do,” he says. “A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population – as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state – as liberals do.”

Doctor Adam Savage, a well-known radio commentator syndicated to 350 radio stations in the USA, actually wrote a book in 2005 called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. He is also the author of numerous other titles dealing with psychological disorders. He identified certain instances that support his prognosis and which have in the interim been proven correct by the Occupy movement and the hysterics of the Democrats during last year’s Presidential election in the USA.
Expecting constant praise and admiration
Being overly jealous of others’ achievements
Expecting (no demanding) that others follow ideological plans
Setting unrealistic goals
A sense of entitlement
Trouble maintaining healthy relationships
All of these symptoms seem to define an individual who is unable to express their frustration in a rational manner – like liberals do. The Mayo Clinic stated it best: “In order to make yourself feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and efforts to belittle the other person to make yourself appear better.”

In his book Doctor Savage ultimately identifies NDP as the cause of liberalism. ND whaaaat? you may well ask. NDP is an acronym for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Wikipedia contains the following easy to understand explanation on NDP: “Although individuals with NPD are often ambitious and capable, the inability to tolerate setbacks, disagreements or criticism, along with lack of empathy, make it difficult for such individuals to work cooperatively with others or to maintain long-term professional achievements. With narcissistic personality disorder, the individual's self-perceived fantastic grandiosity, often coupled with a hypomanic mood, is typically not commensurate with his or her real accomplishments. “.

Enter the Dunning-Kruger effect. “Dunning and Kruger noted earlier studies suggesting that ignorance of standards of performance is behind a great deal of incompetence. This pattern was seen in studies of skills as diverse as reading comprehension, operating a motor vehicle, and playing chess or tennis.
Dunning and Kruger proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:
tend to overestimate their own level of skill;
fail to recognize genuine skill in others;
fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy;
recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill, if they are exposed to training for that skill.

But that is not the end for NDP. “Psychiatrist Glen Gabbard suggested NPD could be broken down into two subtypes. He saw the "oblivious" subtype as being grandiose, arrogant, and thick-skinned and the "hypervigilant" subtype as being easily hurt, oversensitive, and ashamed. In his view, the oblivious subtype presents for admiration, envy, and appreciation of a powerful, grandiose self that is the antithesis of a weak internalized self, which hides in shame, while the hypervigilant subtype neutralizes devaluation by seeing others as unjust abusers. “

So it seems that liberalism is a mental disease and one that has taken on pandemic proportions.

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Naspers boikot wat kan jy doen?

Die volgende kan gedoen word:
- Nie meer enige betaalde Naspers produk koop nie. Sien lys met publikasies.

Lys met NASPERS publikasies

 Hierdie publikasies moet geteiken word vir die aksie Boikot Naspers! Genoeg is Genoeg!

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Stemme deur kritici van die NASPERS boikot

Die volgende is deur Bertus Osbloed van Niekerk geskryf:

Veldmaarskalk Dan het die plot verloor 
Ek skryf met huiwering.  Ek is toegevoeg tot ‘n Facebookblad wat op die oog af rondom Dan Roodt sentreer: “Boikot Naspers! Genoeg is genoeg!”  Hierop word foto’s geplak wat onder meer proklameer: “Plaasmoorde – geborg deur Rapport, jou ANC-koerant.”  Daar’s heelwat kollages van bebloede blankes en swart mans met pistole in maskers, met byskrifte dat hulle op pad is om Afrikaners te vermoor.  Van die meer lagwekkende foto’s op die blad beweer dat blankes Noord Amerika 9000 jaar gelede gekolonialiseer het en dat daar geen plek in die VSA vir Indiane of swart mense is nie en dat alle rasse buiten dié met koukasiese afkoms dom is.  Natuurlik drup kommentare en aanmerkings ook gereeld 'n godsdienssousie.

liberale sosialistiese NASPERS moet geboikot word!

Deur Deon Janse van Rensburg
Hierdie blad het sy ontstaan deur 'n langstaande verontregting van blankes en Afrikaners deur liberaal sosialistiese georiënteerde media wat gelei het tot die frustrasie van reg-denkende, konserwatiewe blanke mense. Nie net Afrikaans-sprekendes nie maar ook Engels-sprekendes deel aan hierdie frustrasie maar die stemme word blootweg geïgnoreer of in "white noise" verdink.

Die bombardering van mense deur sosialistiese ideologie onder die dun lagie vernis wat as die dekmantel dien van liberalisme het daartoe gelei dat 'n baie groot gedeelte van ons nasie, ons land en ons Volk so geïndoktrineer is dat hulle veel meer is as middelmatige lemmings wat voetslepend en prewelend agterna praat saam met die media, liberale organisasies en politieke partye.

In yl gesaaide gevalle sal nie-blanke Suid Afrikaners vertel van dieselfde frustrasie. Anders as in Amerika waar swart kommentators en geleerdes baie meer hul stem laat hoor oor die stand van sake en hulle ongelukkigheid met die media se verdraaiing van die waarheid, die ignorering van swart-op-wit ras verwante voorvalle en die indoktrinasie van die Amerikaanse volk om volksvreemdes as meerderes te aanvaar. Hulle is moeg om terug te staan en leuens gevoer te word. Thomas Sowell en Charles Payne is maar twee van hierdie kommentators. Hoogs geleerd en gerespekteerd is hulle nie die tipe om op emosie staat te maak om hulle ongelukkigheid te kenne te gee nie maar gebruik sobere logika om hul saak te stel.

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